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My name is Rebecca, I make realistic drawings inspired by nature. 

Even as a little girl, I loved nature. I always came home with little animals, plants, and flowers. I also liked to draw and did so often. Everyone around me had at least once received a drawn bird, butterfly or flower from me.

In secondary school, I had to choose between Biology and drawing, both of which unfortunately did not fit into my curriculum. I chose Biology, which I also started studying in combination with Science Communication. I wanted to show people how precious, special and beautiful nature is. All these years, I completely lost sight of drawing.

Until 2021 when I rediscovered my love for drawing. I started drawing with graphite, I tried oil paint and acrylic all together. Until I started drawing with coloured pencil and thus found my passion.

Now my background in biology and love for drawing is a very nice combination. I draw everything related to nature, from a fox to a Cuban Tody, to a beach plover or a day peacock butterfly. The diversity is just amazing!

Since 2023, I have had my own business making original drawings from which I also have prints made. I draw on commission and I give workshops and courses. I do this from my studio at Haaks in Culemborg.

This is also where I live with my husband and our dog Bailey. We love being outdoors, hiking, bird watching and photographing what we come across. Which in turn can come in handy for my drawings.

Would you like to have a drawing made of your favourite species or your pet? I would love to help you with a special animal portrait!

Please contact me via the button below or send me an email at for a commission and we will discuss the possibilities. I look forward to hearing from you.




Rebecca with the finished fox commisson drawing
Me photographing on Texel
Our dog Bailey
Rebecca while drawing a large commission
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