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A unique handmade drawing in which the smallest details can be seen. That's the result when you let me create a commissioned drawing for you. The drawing is as realistic as possible and it is totally unique, only one of them exists! I am happy to draw your favourite animal, bird, plant, insect or your own beloved pet. 

Handdrawn dog portrait of Maya

I work with high-quality materials so the drawing will last a lifetime. This applies to pastels as well as coloured pencils. Thanks to the high degree of lightfastness, the drawing will not fade. And for extra protection, you can also have your drawing framed. The wooden frames are of fine quality and the museum glass gives the drawing extra protection. This glass also reflects a lot less than ordinary glass, making the drawing an even more beautiful eye-catcher in your home.

Kleurpotlood tekening van een grutto, de nationale vogel van Nederland. Deze maakte Rebecca Engels in opdracht.

How do I book a commissioned drawing?


1. Choose pastel or coloured pencil and decide on the format
I can also advise you on this. The choice may depend on the subject

2. Send a clear photo or indicate which species you want to have drawn
Of a pet, a self-made photo of your favourite animal or plant? Let me know. Do you know the species but not which photo is best? No problem, I am happy to think with you.

3. Make the down payment
Before I start working, I like to receive a deposit. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to guarantee your booking. The remainder will be paid upon completion when you are satisfied with the result.

4. I start working for you
We discuss in advance when the drawing can be ready. Do you have a deadline? Let me know as soon as possible. I will give you an estimate of when the drawing can be ready and I will keep you informed along the way. On average, the drawing can be ready within a month, depending on how many assignments I have.

Why commission a drawing from me?

-High quality, from drawing materials to framing
-Unique drawing (I do not make prints or cards from commissioned drawings)
-Highly detailed
-Own style
-Knowledge of biology, and therefore of the subject's anatomy
-With certificate of authenticity

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