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Workshops and courses

I am very excited! In 2023 I started giving drawing workshops and courses in my beautiful hometown Culemborg. I love to share my passion for nature and drawing with others. Will you join? Note: The group workshops and courses will be in Dutch.

Read here 5 tips for drawing with pencils.


I also give private lessons and customized workshops (possible in english), you can find more information below.

Drawing workshop or drawing course?

During the workshop, you will do several small exercises to learn how coloured pencils work. You will try different brands and different types of paper. As a group, I explain how to work. Then I give tips and advice for each person. You can register here.

During the course, I tell you briefly about the different materials after which you quickly start working on your own chosen subject. This is the drawing you will work on during the six lessons. Each person will receive attention to complete your realistic drawing. You can register here.

Colour or pastel pencil?

Drawing with colour and pastel pencils involves a completely different technique. That's why I like the variety. Pastel pencils contain chalk which you can easily mix on paper with your finger or a blender. Pastels allow light over dark, which is a big difference from coloured pencils. They are harder to sharpen, though. Also, coloured pencils keep a good sharp point much longer.


Would you prefer private lessons or are you looking for a tailor-made workshop or lesson? Then take a look here.
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